The Best Hot Oil Treatments for Hair

A hot oil treatment for hair, whether homemade or purchased, is not only a cost-effective luxury but can even prove to be quite beneficial too. People can heat the oil by immersing the oil package in hot water, or heating it in the microwave or in the stovetop, depending on the type of package they purchase. Regardless of the type, people will get conditioned hair by using a hot oil treatment.

hot oil treatmentWhy do you need a hot oil treatment?

Hair is typically damaged because of the use of hair products, constant brushing and daily environmental factors such as humidity, pollution and temperature changes. Using hair products, over cleansing and environmental factors can also cause the hair to break, become brittle and dry. Damaged or dry hair is quite natural.

The benefits of a hot oil treatment

A hot oil treatment can prove to be helpful for temporarily repairing damaged hair. Hot oil treatments purchased in the store need to be heated, the oil has to be massaged into the hair and scalp, following by gentle rinsing. A complete shampoo or over-rinsing should be avoided as this will render the purpose of hot oil useful. The complete benefit of a hot oil treatment purchased from the store can be achieved by following the directions on the package.

Homemade hot oil treatment

A mixture of common household oils, like olive oil or soybean oil, along with mayonnaise can be used as a homemade hot oil treatment for your hair. This mixture, firstly, has to be heated in the microwave or stovetop. Next the mixture has to be applied and massage into the hair and scalp. The mixture has to be left on for 10 to 15 minutes till it fully penetrates and can then be rinsed off.

Benefits for a dry scalp

Dry scalp conditions such as dandruff can be easily relieved with the help of a hot oil treatment. Apart from the hair, the scalp and the skin are also conditioned by the moisturizers and oil that are contained in this treatment. To ensure that a hot oil treatment continues to be effective, regularly repeating it is quite necessary because it is a temporary remedy for hair problems.

Anyone who has been to spa or has tried a hot oil treatment for hair at home will be aware how beneficial this treatment can be. The heat and the warmth of the hot oil can prove to be quite enjoyable and relaxing. The hot oil can take time to penetrate the hair and scalp, so people can indulge in some other activity in the meantime. These brief carefree moments will also be beneficial for the mental health of the individual apart from the health of their hair.

Adding the use of a conditioner

People can even use micro-silicone conditioners as a part of an extensive hot oil therapy as a means of assisting the hot oil treatment if they damage or dryness in the hair is too severe. A self-warming conditioner is contained in these products that is massaged into the hair and is left for some time along until the core or cortex of the hair absorbs it.

However, when it comes to hair problems, there is nothing better than to go for a luxurious hot oil treatment for air.