The Best Hot Oil Treatment for Making at Home

A hot oil treatment is used for dry and frizzy hair. The hot oil is applied to the hair for a certain period of time, and is rinsed off. Hot oil treatments can be used on all types of hair. However, depending on the density of a person’s hair, the amount of oil used can vary. Coconut, jojoba, olive and almond oils are all effective in providing great hot oil treatments.

vatikaHot oil treatments are readily available in salons and spas. However, a lot of them tend to be on the expensive end. Did you know that you can give your hair the same treatment, at almost half the cost? This is made possible by having your own hot oil treatments at home. Aside from the advantage of cutting down on your expenses, you will also have the freedom to choose the kind of oils you would want to use for your hot oil treatment.

Here are some instructions you could follow to help you in learning how to have a homemade hot oil treatment.

Choosing oil type

Choose the oil of your liking or that is suitable for your hair type, and heat it in a saucepan. Allow the oil to boil. Remove the saucepan from the heat, and allow the oil to cool. If you are using a blend of oils, you can stir them at this point to ensure they are well mixed.

Applying the mixture

Apply the oil on either damp or dry hair. Wear a plastic cap to generate heat. Allow it to stay undisturbed, for half an hour. For better results, you can apply the hot oil to your hair, just before you sleep. You can secure the plastic cap with a head scarf to prevent it from coming off.

Rinsing it off

When you’re ready to rinse it off, use a mild shampoo, and only shampoo once. If you over shampoo your hair, or use a strong shampoo, it will strip off the oils and reduce your efforts to nothing.

You should consider adding homemade treatments of hot oil to your regimen because of the number of benefits it has for your hair.

Homemade Hot Oil Treatment

The benefits

Hot oils are able to reverse the damage your hair has from the environment. Every day you face the elements, wind, sun and water, and if not monitored, can have a bad effect on your hair. This can lead to it drying, breaking and frizzing. Hot oils help in giving moisture to dry hair, flattening raised cuticles and providing strength to your hair. A hot oil treatment once a week will protect your hair even as you face the elements on a daily basis.

Hot oil treatments are also effective in soothing an itching scalp as well as in dealing with dandruff. Some oils have antioxidant properties which will prevent bacteria from forming on the scalp. They also help in increasing blood flow to the scalp, which in turn will ensure that your hair gets the nutrients it needs.