The Best Deep Conditioners Especially for Natural Hair

Most people believe that the best deep hair conditioner is the most expensive. This is rarely, if ever, true. Since hair is literally dead, just like our fingernails and teeth, there is really no way to do anything but improve the outer layer of the each hair by smoothing it with an oily substance. To understand this fact, it helps to know a bit about what makes up our hair.

arvaThe only living part of a hair is the root, planted firmly in our skin, or scalp. This is where the dead hair begins to grow from, but the hair is actually a form of protein, or collagen, comparable to a horse’s hoof. This is why we do not feel pain when we cut our hair. Only the root is alive, which is why it hurts when a pulled hair comes out with the root.

Natural hair types are a result of each individual’s genetic make-up, a combination of their parents’ genetic code. Curly, straight, dark or light are all traits preprogrammed into our hair roots. This visible hair however, can be temporarily altered, by applying various creams, dyes and chemicals, which may last for a while, but as the hair continues to grow out in its natural state.

Hair shaft is another name for one strand of hair. Microscopic overlapping pieces cover each hair shaft, much like the shingles on the roof of a house. Visual damage occurs when these shingles, called cuticles, are frayed upwards and not lying down smooth. This prevents light from reflecting off the cuticles in a smooth line, as it should. Dull, lifeless hair that has breakage is the result. Damage to these hair cuticles occurs from blow-drying, chemical treatments, and even environmental factors such as too much sunshine or drying wind.

Deep Conditioner 1Truthfully, the best deep conditioner for hair is any natural, oily substance like olive oil, mayonnaise, coconut butter or oils from peach seeds, or any kind of oil from nuts. Leaving it on the hair for at least 30 minutes, while applying a little heat, is the best deep conditioner for natural hair that you can use. Rinsing completely out with plenty of clean, cool water will finish the job. Cool to cold water when rinsing will also ad
d shine by causing the cuticle layer to lie flat, which will reflect light like glass.

Afterwards, dry your hair naturally, after gently patting with a towel. Never rub or pull the hair with a comb or brush, especially when it is wet. Wet hair is at its most vulnerable state, so detangling with your fingers is a great idea. Lastly, give yourself a scalp massage. This will increase blood flow to the roots where the real nourishing takes place. Protein and vitamin E will only affect your hair if taken orally, such as in food. Applying it to the hair is no better than applying any natural oil, as mentioned, above.

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