The Best Deep Conditioners Especially for Black Hair

The best deep conditioner for black hair will always be something that is derived from natural ingredients. It is important to avoid synthetic products, especially those that make outrageous claims.dpiIf you have major damage from heat or styling, it is not likely that your hair can be completely repaired. Products that claim they can do this simply will not work. No one’s hair can be completely repaired regardless of what type of hair he or she has or what products are used.

Processing and styling using heavy chemicals are what causes black hair to become damaged. If at all possible, it is best to go natural and avoid adding synthetic hair to your head. Tight braids, sewn or glued in extensions and other styling options cause hair to break at the root. Extensive dying also causes hair to break. It is important to dye your hair as infrequently as possible.

Sticking to old wisdom and using products that contain oils and fats from natural sources will ensure that your hair stays healthy and strong. If you want to use a traditional conditioner, look for products that contain avocado oil, olive oil or other naturally derived fats. These fats help your hair retain as much moisture as possible and protect it from breakage and heat damage.

What Oils to Use

dp1Avocado and olive oils contain essential vitamins and nutrients to keep hair strong and healthy. These oils are also highly moisturizing and soothing for dry or style damaged hair. Many products on the market today contain these oils. However, it is difficult to know the purity of the oils put into the various conditioners and hair butters you find on the shelves at the store.

Creating Your Own Products

It is easy to create your own hair products at home with just a few simple ingredients. This process is also inexpensive compared to the various hair care treatments found in salons. By creating your own hair care products, you know you are using quality ingredients that are safe and natural.

How To Make Avocado Deep Conditioner

What to Buy

Choose any oil you like. Avocado and olive oils are some of the best. Avocado oil can sometimes be difficult to find, but it is carried in most health food stores. A variety of olive oils are available at nearly every grocery store. Try to find one that is organic if possible.

How to Apply

A good way to ensure that your hair is getting enough oil to stay healthy is to add a small amount of oil in a spray bottle with water and a few drops of the conditioner or your choice. Shake the ingredients well and spray onto your hair before styling. This will protect your hair from heat and it will stay moisturized all day.

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