Temporary Hair Dye is great for Kids

Most kids wonder what it would be like to have a different color hair. If it is blond, they want to know what it feels like to be a brunette, especially if the mom or dad has dark hair. Some of the kids want pink hair, just because. They aren’t sure why they want it, they just do. They grow up with one color and never get a chance to see what a different color would look like. Kids’ washable hair dyes are now available. They are inexpensive and easy to use. Parents and kids love them because it gives the kids a chance to try something new that is easy to wash out.

Many of the dyes can also be used as a styling gel. Boys, like to put some in their hair after a fresh haircut. They often choose favorite team colors or just a color they like. It is fun and harmless. Keep a tub of the gel in the bathroom and it will encourage the kids to wash and comb their hair. It will also add volume and texture. The best part is that it is safe, and mom and dad don’t have to worry about what is going into the kid’s hair.

Safe to use

The hair dyes are non-toxic and do not hurt the hair. The kids can wash it out with shampoo. In the past kids often used cool aid in their hair, the same favorite drink that they love to drink in the summer. It makes a mess and then it is hard to wash out. Parents should discourage kids from using anything other than products made to safely color the hair.

Most kids need help to apply these products. It can be a lot of fun and since it is not permanent and is easy to use, there is no reason not to use it whenever the kids want to. The next football or basketball game can be a great time to use a hair dye. Let the kids get a chance to express themselves in a safe and healthy way. The hair dyes come in a variety of colors. Choose black, red, pink or green. All the colors cover equally and no one is ever disappointed when they apply the dye. Any age child can safely use the dye.

Permanent hair dyes and highlighting the hair

Hair colorRemember, hair dye that is permanent can be dangerous for children. They could have an allergic reaction because they have sensitive scalps. Itching, flaking, hair loss and burns are some of the things that could be caused by a permanent hair dye. Never take that chance when it is easy to use a washout temporary dye.

Highlighting is something that should wait until the child is through puberty. All kids like to think about trying different things with their hair, but until they are old enough, only safe tested products should be used. So the next time the kids what to try something different and express themselves in a safe way, suggest changing their hair color. It will only last a few days and they will enjoy the new look. It is a good time to laugh and have some fun. Maybe the whole family can go green.

Manic Panic line of hair dyes

One great option for temporary hair dye for kids is the Manic Panic’s line of products which contains a wide range of colors. Check it out on Amazon.com and choose with your kids their favorite color.

Dyeing my hair TURQUOISE with MANIC PANIC

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