Pssst Dry Shampoo Review

The majority of people nowadays won’t expect a miracle from a dry shampoo, thinking that nothing in the world can replace the traditional shampoo and water. However, many users that tried Pssst Dry Shampoowere extremely content about its benefits over their hair and scalp. For example, on Amazon, 5 out of 9 customers gave a 5-star rating to this unique dry shampoo, explaining that it helped them get rid of dirt and oil.

This dry shampoo contains all the necessary ingredients for preserving your hair color and adding more volume: Butane, Propane, Isobutene, Cyclomethicone, SD Alcohol 40-B and Fragrance. Pssst Dry Shampoo is an effective solution for taking good care of your hair without needing to wash it. It contains a certain amount of powder for an easier absorption of excess oil and for eliminating the odor.

This product in made in USA using quality ingredients. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is to shake it, then spray your scalp by lifting sections of your hair. After a few minutes, brush your hair and style it as desired.

Pssst background

This shampoo was invented back in the ’70s, proving that a quality product will resist on the market over time. By shampooing less, you hair will be protected from heat styling damage and will have more volume naturally. It is amazing to simply spray your hair rather than taking a shower and waste another 15 minutes of your important time.

This unique no-water alternative to the regular shampoos that can be found on the market nowadays is famous since it appeared about 40 years ago. Many busy women prefer it over the classic shampoo because using it saves more of their time, and we all know how important the time is in our busy world.

Being so easy-to-use, this dry shampoo is probably the best option for transforming a lifeless and dirty hair into a beautiful hair. Your hair is refreshed in an instant, having more vigor and energy.

Tips on how to use a dry shampoo

A dry shampoo is the perfect product to use while on the go, allowing you to fix various hair mishaps, but like all products, you need to be aware of some tips on how to use it and when.

Use it for hair emergencies: a dry shampoo can be used anywhere, therefore is the best choice to fix unexpected hair emergencies. It is important to carry a bottle of dry shampoo with you all the time.

Use it for updos: these types of shampoos will roughen up your hair strands, making it the perfect choice for styling an updo. It will be easier for you to style your own updo, as a quick spray of shampoo will make your hair easier to mold, therefore keeping the fly-away annoying hair strands in line.

Psssssst Dry Shampoo Tutorial

Overusing the shampoo

It is also very important to not overuse a dry shampoo, as adding too much dry shampoo makes your hair difficult to style. Remember to use it only if necessary, so don’t use it instead a regular shampoo. One final tip: don’t wash your hair after you sprayed it with a dry shampoo.

Overall, a dry shampoo is the perfect tool for refreshing your style and helps you in various situations.