Best Hair Dye For Damaged Hair

Many women are often displeased when they choose to dye their hair and discover in the process of highlighting, their hair has become dryer and less healthy than before. This happens because both permanent and semi-permanent chemical hair dyes contains hydrogen peroxide, which over the course of time makes hair brittle and changes the color of hair pigment even inside the normal and not-yet-white hairs.

However, to overcome this difficulty for sensitive and dry hairs, we have reviewed a few awesome products, which are natural hair dyes and so are considered one of the best hair dyes for damaged hairs.

This hair dying formula is 100% free of ammonia and is also capable of deeply nourishing our hairs on a treatment that is infused with natural Henna, for additional gloss and shine.

Here are the list of these all natural herbal dyes which are sure to impress your taste and your mind.

Rainbow Research: Henna Powder Color & Conditioner, Persian Red 4 oz (2 pack)

Rainbow Research Henna Powder ColorThis all natural Henna powder is not only 100 % chemical free, but it is prepared from all natural Henna leaves, that in addition to providing color also nourishes the damaged hairs.

One thing is for sure, once you buy this Rainbow Research Henna Powder, this unquestionable never damage your hairs, compared to what normal chemical dyes will do over time.

Although the color of this all natural hair dye isn’t fire engine red, but nevertheless there is a nice red hue to it, which really looks impressive especially on olive complexioned skins.

There are also several colors like Persian Blond, Persian Burgundy, and Strawberry Blond available in this brand, which are surely worth a check.

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DEEP RED Henna Hair & Beard Dye / Color – 1 Pack – The Henna Guys®

DEEP RED Henna Hair & Beard Dye Color - 1 Pack - The Henna GuysThe Deep RED Henna Hair dye uses an all-natural color boost technology which nourishes while it lifts. It’s a hair dye which transforms hair with ultra-reflective shine that also works as a long term color, conditioner and strengthener for your hairs.

This exclusive hair dye, not only is devoid of ammonia, but is also a 100% vegan dye color that contains no metallic salt or chemicals in its contents.

So if want your hairs to be red, not fade and not be dead, it’s time now to switch on to Henna since it doesn’t hurt your hair.

Several people have gone over the freaking moon about this stuff- people those who have been coloring their hairs with chemical dyes for several years, but still got convinced of this product in matter of few days.

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Henna Maiden LIVELY LIGHT BROWN Hair & Eyebrow Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free

Henna Maiden LIVELY LIGHT BROWN Hair & Eyebrow ColorIf you are looking for chemical free hair color that is recommended for all hair and skin type this all natural hair dye is what you have been looking for all along.

Available in a broad spectrum of color range- right from Strawberry Blond to Wine Red, this dye is perfect for all those who wants their hairs to be strong, healthier and manageable with tons of shine and bounce.

It is indeed true that Henna Maiden Hair & Eyebrow Dye, is a 1 step method which calls for no complicated mixing multiple powders and herbs. So for you perfect blend, simply add water, mix and apply the dye.

The Henna color generally lasts for 4- 8 weeks before it starts fading away but as this is an all-natural product you may reapply as often as you need.

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So if you looking for vibrant, shiny, healthy and the most gorgeous shades of red in your hairs and be in love with your new crown, look no further- go ahead and buy any of these all natural hair dyes that can put extra power on to your damaged hairs.